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Mansory Create One-off Bentley Continental GTC Vitesse

DON'T ADJUST YOUR SCREEN. This ISN’T the new Transformers’ Bumblebee, despite the black and yellow colouration. Instead it’s the new Mansory Vitesse….

The WHAT??

While some might simply dismiss the all-new Continental GTC Vitesse as a vulgar vehicular Mansorostrosity befitting of a Dubai license plate alone, there’ll be others who are quite enamoured by its unique presence. Like your average Premier League footballer or rapper, for example.

Listen. We’ll level with you.

We have no idea if Mansory’s latest supercar interpretation was inspired by one such rapper, Wiz Khalifa or not. But the fact remains. Its ‘take’ on a Bentley Continental GTC - ‘the Vitesse’ - is both black. And yellow.

In seemingly equal measure.

Although under closer scrutiny, we see more yellow than black. So perhaps it’s not a 50/50 split. Unlike a bee, for argument's sake.


Ambitious automotive styling house, Mansory rarely stops to explain just why they do ‘what they do’ to some of the most instantly recognizable supercars out there. They just get on and do it.

And the one thing you can NEVER accuse Mansory of is creating underwhelming versions of supercars which detractors might argue should never have been fettled with in the first instance. Mansory doesn't push envelopes as much as its designers pick up said envelope, fashion it into an overly elaborate paper airplane and forcibly launch it out of the office window.

Origami aside, controversial tuner Mansory has turned its pimping thoughts/efforts toward the ultimate open-top grand tourer, and gone fully Monte Carlo or bust in terms of the retina-popping aesthetics. Fusing yellow on the left side of the vehicle, contrasting with black down the right side.

Amongst the other stand-out elements of the Mansory-tweaked Conti GTC prospective buyers will note the following. We say ‘buyers’, but given that the Vitesse is very much a one-of-a-kind car, it’ll be 'buyer'. Singular.

The Extra-curricular Bits And Bobs....

These include a spoiler with side blades sitting under the front bumper, while extra lights are situated beneath the front fog lamps.

Meanwhile, there’s a new slated front grille which offers a vertical stance, along with a vented hood design.

Elsewhere there’s a sizable wing situated on the boot lid, complete with dedicated emblem.

Oh, and did we mention the new side mirror casings?

There’s also an aftermarket rear diffuser to pique interests, together with quad exhaust tips. With most of the additional add-ons sporting a forged carbon look.

The interior perpetuates the two-tone feel, with contrasting door cards and Mansory’s logotype pretty much omnipresent. And a special plaque located up front, for value-added kerb appeal.

Yup. There’s plenty to see past the glaringly obvious (ie, the two-tone black and yellow bodywork) with the Mansory Vitesse iteration of a conventional Bentley Continental GTC. For those who choose to look beyond the black and yellow exterior. And interior.

And everything else besides.

Our Fabulous In-house Bentley Boys

Here at WCC Neston our team of technicians are no strangers to working on customer’s Bentley’s, however have never witnessed a Mansory version to date. Sadly. But will remain vigilant for one putting in an appearance in the future, maybe. Especially a black and yellow Vitesse.

We mean, what else occurs black and yellow naturally even outside of car form and function. Aside from bees, the Batman logo, radioactive stickers, and police scene of crime tape….

Get in touch today to book your Bentley in with us.

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