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LolliPorsche: German Supercar Brand Branches Into Ice Cream

Just when you think you’ve seen EVERY type of merch, up steps Porsche with something which will blow your pop socks clean off!

The recent heatwave/summer might have been and gone, however Porsche and its PR popsicles aren’t about to disappear anytime soon.

Yup, you read right.

Porsche has branded ice-cream, in a range of summery colours and flavours with the most tenuous of links to Porsche’s more iconic cars.

Porsche Can’t Be Licked!

For the legions of potential detractors out there - please form an orderly queue as if waiting for a Mr Whippy on a seaside prom - there is method in Porsche’s perceived madness.

It was all in the name of National Ice Cream Day, which was celebrated on the 17th July. In fairness you might not have actually been aware of this fact, due to National Ice Cream Day being the brainchild of/acknowledged solely by Americans.

Icy Merch

In recognition of this, Porsche created a series of ice creams which are said to be, ‘inspired by some of their most instantly recognisable models and paint colours’.

Regarding said colours, and courtesy of its ‘Paint to Sample’ program, the German supercar manufacturer offers in excess of 160 colours to its premium product-buying target demographic. The ice cream flavours being a knowing nod/PR spin on this.

Awareness-raising aside, we have to grudgingly salute Porsche for originating a bandwagon, as opposed to jumping on one like so many do. Whether or not there was a gap in the ice cream-purchasing market for Porsche cornets, the jury will remain out indefinitely, we’d have thought.


Now we’ve got the light-hearted digs out of the way, you’ll be wanting to learn as to just what flavours Porsche has deigned appropriate for some top end lolly. In no particular order of preference they include; Mint Green, Strawberry Red, Macadamia Metallic, Frozen Berry Metallic and Lime Gold Metallic.

Although we think Porsche has missed a trick by not naming the Macadamia Metallic, the ‘Macan-damia Metallic’. Or by a similar token, single-handedly inventing the 'Caramel Cayman, Taycan Delight, Praline Panamera, Cookies and Cayenne', and of course the all-consuming, king of Porsche ice cream flavourings, 'Porschestacio'.

Porsche Lollies Come With A Metallic Finish. Of Course They Do

Eyebrow-raisingly, the metallic ‘flavours’ are actually presented with a metallic look. But don’t worry. The Food Standards Agency has been consulted (or whatever the American version is), so it’s safe for human consumption.

In terms of which flavours instantaneously proved popular, Lime Gold Metallic had it licked from the get-go. A Key Lime pie-flavoured ice cream encased in a lime gold-coloured caramel shell said to encapsulate the essence of the Porsche 718 Boxster.

Well, at least in frozen dairy form.

And which is illustrated on the wrapper, just in case you struggle to determine which Porsche model this posh lolly is supposed to remind you of.

Elsewhere, the Mint Green ice cream which features the 964 version of the seminal Porsche 911 is noted as being a palate-pleaser. Once again, if the flavours don’t automatically lead you to the car in question, Porsche has thoughtfully reminded consumers on the wrapper.

Which, joking apart, is incredibly cool.

A Chicago-based creamery called Pretty Cool Ice Cream collaborated with Porsche in advance of National Ice Cream Day 2022, and we’re told that this specific range of affordable Porsche products will be available at dedicated manufacturer events later this year.

WCC Here To Serve (And Service) Our Customers’ Needs, Come Rain Or Shine

The team here at WCC Neston are very partial to ice creams, in whatever guise they come. Typically, a 99 cornet with a Flake wedged in it, admittedly, sourced from a passing ice cream van, but (sorry, Porsche) ice cream is ice cream, right.

We’ve also got the servicing of all VW and Audi Group vehicles Cornetto’d, both locally and regionally. Routinely providing oil, gearbox and inspection services, along with diagnostics, MOT’s, warranty work and the retrofitting of the very latest driving aid and security devices.

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