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Lamborghini Revuelto. Supercar Maker’s FIRST Hybrid EV Hypercar REVEALED

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

What We Know So Far

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Lamborghini pops its head over the parapet of manic supercardom, et voila. Another curveball thrown, in the (albeit seductive) guise of the Italian manufacturer’s debut non-ICE hypercar provision.

Now, you might be asking at this juncture why we care.

Or indeed, why’s it relevant.

The answer to both quandaries is the same. In as much as Lamborghini - should you need reminding - is very much part and parcel of the VW Audi Group portfolio of automotive brands. Exactly like SEAT is, but completely different in EVERY other single department imaginable.

No disrespect to SEAT.

Hence Why We’re Blogging This Breaking News….

And it’s mahoosive news, make no mistake. As Lamborghini has just announced its first ever hybrid EV supercar.

That’s right. The zaniest supercar manufacturer of them all has succumbed to the inevitable. And the relentless onset of full electrification.


However, for the time being Lambo is focusing on this. It’s maiden voyage in the choppy waters of all things electrified high performance. Which in the exciting event is a fusion of old and new powertrains. And yes, we just made an electricity and water reference which we know doesn't mix.

The old skool power source being generated courtesy of a naturally-aspirated 6.5-litre V12 block. Whilst the EV element comes in the form and function of a 3.8kWh battery pack coupled with three ‘leccy motors. Affording the Revuelto a staggering combined power output of 1001bhp.

Which jettisons it north of Ferrari SF90 territory.

Both means of forward trajectory being coerced by way of an eight-speed, double-clutch transverse transmission. An all-wheel drive alternative is also available in fully-electric mode, apparently.

How Does The Lamborghini Revuelto Drive?

Short of wanton guesswork on our behalf, we can only surmise.

Mercifully our friends over at Newspress have the facts at their fingertips and inform us - along with other bona fide automotive journalists - of the following nuggets.

All of the merging traditional and contemporary fun and games ushers in a brave new dawn. Explored best via the double-figure driving modes. Enabling owners to opt between one of 13 unique chassis and powertrain settings, frequented in three primary modes.

Namely, ‘Recharge, Hybrid’ and ‘Performance’. The actual driving modes are as stated beneath:

* ‘Citta’ (or ‘City’) offers the driver solely electric driving sensibilities, with reduced drag derived from the active aero system, and distributed evenly through all four wheels

* ‘Strada’ is the weapon of choice for those drivers who want the V12 permanently on tap, with up to 876bhp readily available

* ‘Sport’ releases even more of the kraken-esque brutality, with 895bhp on demand, if controlled powerslides is your stock in driving style

* ‘Corsa’ is for those who routinely throw caution to the wind and laugh in the face of potential danger. Putting the full strength 1001bhp in the palms of their hands, adapting chassis and stability control settings accordingly

Tell Me More About The Engine Found Lurking In The All-new Lamborghini Revuelto….

OK. Are you sat comfortably?

Lamborghini insist that the internal combustion engine 50% of the set-up - which comprises the sum total of the Revuelto’s behemoth-like power - is the lightest and most urgent of all its V12 units.

Like, ever.

Producing some 814bhp at 9250rpms, and tipping the scales at 17kg less than the outgoing Aventador, which it usurps in the continued Lambo timeline.

To put this into some sort of vague perspective, the run-out Aventador - the Ultimae - packed a 770bhp punch at around the 8500rpm mark.

The impressive power-to-weight ratio is helped in no small part by the unsung role that the all carbonfibre body composite plays.

Save for the aluminium doors and bumpers, the Lamborghini Revuelto’s monofuselage construct is sculpted almost entirely from carbonfibre. Ensuring a light, yet robust chassis.

Not to be confused with the carbonfibre ‘effect’ which Halfords has gratuitously lavished all of its car accessories in, since the inception of the ‘Fast and Furious’ movie franchise.

Incidentally, there are 400 body colours to choose from. Giving prospective buyers the mother of all dilemmas.

How Workable/User-friendly Is The EV Side Of Things?

In a word - VERY.

And rapid-charging too.

From zero to hero in the space of 30 minutes.

Truth be told, Revuelto owners will seldom need to plug in, on account of the battery capable of being charged by the engine in just 6 minutes. That's less time than it takes to unload the dishwasher.

In terms of charging port location, neatly stowed away in the front luggage compartment. A luggage compartment that can easily accommodate a wallet, a smartphone and a pair of designer sunglasses Lamborghini will have you know.

We Have It On Good Authority That The Lamborghini Revuelto’s Engine Is In Full View The Whole Time…..

That’s true.

The sublime V12 powerplant is exposed in its entirety 24/7, just beneath the Revuelto’s coverless rear deck.

Explaining the thinking behind this at its official unveiling, the EV hypercar’s Senior Designer, Manuele Amprimo added; “We don’t know if we can have the V12 engine again, so we decided to celebrate this piece of art.”

Bravo, sir!

We wholeheartedly salute your reasoning/excuse for putting the engine behind glass in a perma-displayed tribute to the inspiration V12.

The Name. Revuelto. What’s The Loose Translation, And Does It Involve Bulls?

It’s a Lamborghini. So you’ve answered your own question.

The Revuelto takes its moniker after a historic Spanish fighting bull (quel surprise). Lambo CEO, Stephan Winkelmann cites the closest interpretation into English as, ‘mixed up’.

Grammatically alluding to the Revuelto’s two power sources and twin brief. Sustainability versus performance and emotion.

Musing on the name, Lamborghini’s head honcho added; “I think it’s a cool name. We all liked it immediately.”

By a similar token, are we then to assume the next Lambo might be called the ‘Renee’ to complete the quasi musical association?

When Will The Lamborghini Revuelto Be Available To Buy, And What’s The Estimated Price Tag?

The Revuelto is sold out for the first two years of its production.

Which commences as of Spring this year.

Money-wise, those in the know are hedging their bets in the £450k ballpark. Although £350k could be the target to broaden its appeal.

To slightly more Lotto winners and Premier League footballers.

Oh, just to let you know. We are skilled/experienced/equipped to undertake services and mechanical work on Lamborghini's.

So, please feel free to talk to us today to find out more/book in.

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