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King Charles III CAR-anation

King Charles III has long been a petrolhead.

Since when he was merely a Prince, truth be told.

From a vine-fuelled classic Aston Martin to an electrically-powered Jaguar I-Pace, via a rare-breed and sporty MGC, King Charles III has entertained more than just the notion of various vehicle genres during his pre-monarch tenure as the Principality's reigning figurehead.

Ahead of his official ascension to the throne, WCC takes a preamble through the King-to-be’s garage timeline. Throwing admiring glances in the general direction of some of the very shiny jewels discovered in HRH’s automotive crown.

But Just Where Do We Start?

Perhaps with the vehicular present that a young Prince Charles was gifted by his parents on his 21st birthday.

For the commoner, this might typically stretch to a supercar driving experience day, bestowed upon them by their nearest and dearest. Yet if you’re born unto unequivocal wealth, then you’d probably feel a tad short-changed if you weren’t handed the keys to an Aston Martin DB6.

Some 50 years down the line, said DB6 made the headlines again for very different reasons, as Charles spoke with much fervour as to how it had been converted to run on surplus English white wine and whey.

By-products of the cheese-making process, and technically/chemically classed as bioethanol.

In the intervening years, the David Brown brand played a recurrent role in Charles’ private and public life. So much so that our future monarch became synonymous with the Aston portfolio.

The proud owner of a 6.3-litre V8 Virage Volante - along with a V8 Vantage Volante - the former was alleged to have housed a specially-created centre console. Said to accommodate sugar cubes for His Royal Highness’ other horse-powered passion; polo ponies.

While the latter was gifted to him by the Emir of Bahrain, and in its up-spec'd form set a trend amongst the well-heeled elite at the time of its production.

No Bentley Surprises

Away from his well-documented allegiances to Aston Martin, King Charles III is well known as a Bentley aficionado.

Although this was more a birth right than necessarily a conscious decision.

But what this fact does, is create a perfect segue into what we all recognise as staunch VW Audi Group brand territory.

As with all senior royals, the Bentley was always the ‘go-to’ vehicle of choice, and the late Queen bequeathed her two most lauded Bentley’s to her successor to the throne when she passed last year.

More ceremonial vehicles than daily drivers, said Bentley state limousines are a sight to behold when it comes to peerlessly regal pomp and ceremony.

And days from now official ownership will be transferred to our new King.

Loading It Up

Back down to earth for a moment, though, and even the royal household are au faux with Ingolstadt’s finest automotive export.

And King Charles III is very familiar with a few Audi’s which you might not have previously known come with the royal stamp of approval.

A long-time advocate of climate change, nobody has ever doubted the eco-credentials of a future monarch who famously conversed with his plants. Did you know, he even recommended the practice to pop star, Katy Perry. Not to mention spoke platitudes re: the benefits of physically embracing trees.

Ergo, it’s hardly a surprise to learn that the equally long-time King-in-waiting has a 226 mile-ranging Audi E-tron within his fleet.

Staying with four rings, and the late Queen’s eldest son has owned a few other non-EV Audi’s over the years. Including both an A4 and A6 Allroad.

Versatile and agile enough to cope with the more off-piste vistas of the sprawling Sandringham estate, the Avants are also capacious and dutiful vehicles.

Is The King A Lambo Man?.....

We guess the question on everyone’s lips on reading this is whether Charles ever owned a VW Up! Or Skoda Superb Ambient.

Well, brace yourself for the most tenuous of Volkswagen associations. Not for the sake of clickbait, yet to stretch the Volkswagen Audi Group connections that little bit further.

You see, when (the then) Prince Charles was courting (the then) Lady Diana Spencer, his wife-to-be was often observed driving a pale blue Mk1 VW Golf. And that’s pretty much as good as it gets.

Alas, and despite how deep we dived into the internet’s murky depths, there’s not a single tedious reference to our monarch-to-be and a SEAT, Lamborghini, Cupra or indeed, Ducati.

Or any of the other brands which comprise today’s expansive VAG portfolio.

There is however evidence that King Charles III was the owner/driver of a Jaguar XJ6 and I-Pace, as well as a Tesla.

Oh, and if we're referencing Skoda, it has just announced a special exclusive metallic colour option entitled ‘Royal Green’. Available on range-topping versions of the current Octavia, Superb and Kodiaq models.

Incidentally, Bentley’s also created some in-car cushions befitting of, er, a King too. Circumstance to go with the historical pomp.

And Finally…..

During his steady ascension to the palatial hot seat, Charles has been quite partial to a more quintessentially English sports car in the past. One which wasn’t manufactured in Gaydon, but Abingdon.

There’s your clue as to what it was.

Alas, it never found anywhere near as much favour amongst the general public as its best-selling stablemate, the MGB GT. Hence why only real petrolheads will be aware of the existence of the 3.0-litre MGC GT.

The King had one amongst his private garage for over three decades, and regularly enjoyed driving it on the royal estates.

WCC Are At YOUR Service

If, like Charles himself, you own/drive ANY type of Audi or Bentley (not forgetting, VW, SEAT, Cupra or Skoda), then here at WCC Neston our master technicians are available to undertake an array of vehicle servicing.

Anyway fellow cool car-spotters, we hope you enjoy the royal motorcade this weekend as much as we will. Incidentally, the phrase ‘motorcade’ is typically reserved for visiting dignitaries (including Presidents), politicians, Pope’s and senior members of royal households.

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