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Is Audi About to Snap Up McLaren?

These ‘Audi to buy McLaren’ rumours are persisting. And boy, does that excite us at WCC….

Audi has shown the clearest signs yet of its intentions to throw its hat into the F1 ring. As one of the mooted buyers of McLaren’s dedicated Formula 1 division. It may have been one of the worst-kept secrets in the automotive world for as long as we can recall, yet for all the talk, talked, things might ultimately be walked.

Volkswagen Group brands Audi and Porsche are widely known to be evaluating the pros and cons of gate-crashing the ever-lucrative F1 party. Sooner rather than later. Whilst reports continue to freely circulate regarding the parent company, with VW itself said to be continuing to have exploratory talks about supplying power units with McLaren. As well as supposed side hustles with Williams and Red Bull Racing

VW, Audi and Porsche Could All Be Future Formula One Powerbrokers and Players

All being timed for when F1’s new power unit rules are slated to be introduced in 2026. And thus making it easier for other power suppliers to enter the motorsport arena. Yet in terms of actual manufacturer presence, Volkswagen would seemingly prefer to participate behind the scenes. Despite encouraging both Audi and Porsche to actively pursue their front of house interests.

Back to speculation linking Audi to buy McLaren though, and pivotal revisions to Formula One set to happen in 2026. And it’s suggested that the Ingolstadt brand’s definitive decision will hinge on whether or not F1 delivers on its plans to introduce synthetic fuels by that same year. In addition to observing the strides made by McLaren in electrification of its supercar portfolio. 

Why Are We That Interested In This Story, Anyway?

Because McLaren is a name synonymous with F1. Not only that, but etched forever in supercar folklore, thanks to the, er, seminal McLaren F1. Not to mention the following ascending numbers/models of supercardom. Including the 570S, 650S, 570GT, and 675LT. Along with the P1 and Senna supercar

Any sort of partnership between Audi and McLaren would be significantly advantageous to both brands, however. If Audi went on to purchase McLaren and thereby gain access to incredible new lightweight carbon fiber chassis technology into the bargain to use on its own supercar, there’s also the likelihood that future electric cars would follow. 

In return, McLaren would be able to plunder Audi’s electrified technologies. Subsequently advancing its own hybrid and electric visions going forward.

Turn to Us For All Things VAG

Of course, should Audi do the deed and join the ranks of F1 by acquiring McLaren, the prospects are even more tantalising. Given the potential for future cross-brand synergies with parent company, Volkswagen. And yes, we’re talking Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche

All of the abovementioned are brands familiar to us here at WCC. Popular and mainstream makes and models of which our technicians work on weekly. Therefore – and as keen motorsport fans – it would be hugely exciting to be able to follow the exploits of the likes of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini. Both on our TVs and in the metal at the leading F1 circuits across the globe. 

In the meantime don’t forget we can carry out a range of services, warranty work, diagnostics, general repairs, MOTs and the retrofitting of a number of leading driving aids and security devices on all vehicles in the Volkswagen & Audi Group portfolio

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