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Introducing The CUPRA DarkRebel. An EV Shooting Brake From The Future

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

CUPRA, should you need any timely reminders, is the more emotive, performance and innovation-orientated offshoot of SEAT. Ostensibly tech-laden models with more than the one eye on the immediate future.

Aimed squarely at the younger demographic of car buyers, CUPRA is focusing its efforts on targeting the tech-savvy driver, who knows the difference between cyberspace and the metaverse.

And can convincingly articulate this over a flat white in downtown Shoreditch if pressed on the subject..

Excuse Us, Whilst We Get Our Geek On…

Unless you’ve ‘made like a hedgehog’ and been in deep hibernation for a while, you’ll have heard all about the metaverse. Right?

Well, if like us, and you’re not totally au fait, then here’s a quick recap. But not from our Graham.

Which is kinda important if you’re to understand the concept of the CUPRA DarkRebel.

The metaverse is, essentially, cyberspace version 2.0. That’s to say, something we are told exists all around us, but like black holes, is unquantifiable.

Unless you’re Professor Brian Cox.

What's more, those much higher up the food chain than us confirm that the metaverse is still under construction as we write. So it’s still far too new to define precisely what it means/is/does/smells like.

What we DO know about the metaverse however is that the phrase is deep-rooted in technology, broadly-speaking. And seemingly envelops the sphere of the rapidly expansive world of virtual reality.

So, the bottom line is nobody really knows what the metaverse is.

Apart from CUPRA.

Which is buying into its existence big time when we consider the all-new DarkRebel concept.

To The CUPRA DarkRebel. You Know. A Car…..

Rebel yell. The Rebel Alliance. Rebel Without a Cause.

Rebellions, and rebels in particular, have always been seen as mavericks.

Ploughing their own furrow and setting trends rather than following them. Ergo, DarkRebel is aptly-named for a future-proofed concept which takes directional cues from nobody but itself.

Seen/described by CUPRA’s marketing department as the ‘ultimate interpretation of the brand’s vision’, the DarkRebel is the first show car presented through CUPRA's Metahype.

Which is CUPRA’s dedicated parking space in the metaverse. And sadly beyond our simple ken.

However, to help explain this better, we’ve enlisted the assistance of CUPRA’s CEO, Wayne Griffiths. Who added this soundbite recently; “After five years of building the brand CUPRA in a nowadays world, it is time to think about the next step. Our next dream. The CUPRA DarkRebel is the ultimate interpretation of our vision.”

That’s that cleared up then.

Or at least it was until this.

PR Blurb Incoming. Brace. Yourself…..

Largely derived from the gaming domain, the CUPRA DarkRebel arrives - albeit still in some sort of hyperspace environ - with bucket/gaming-esque seats and an overtly gamified steering wheel and shifter.

That alludes to connecting the human form with the machine form in the one fluid movement/action.

Apparently it’s designed ‘for a new dimension where desire, emotion and pushing the limits’ are the driving force. Which although sounding a little ‘Tron-meets-Blade Runner-meets-Back To The Future’ to our minds, also sounds like something we’d like to subscribe to.

Speaking Of Subscribing. Why Not Get Actively Involved In Creating Your Very Own CUPRA DarkRebel….

We kid you not.

CUPRA, you see, has conceived a virtual lab; the ‘Hyper Configurator’.

Which is as ‘Ready Player One’ as life gets. It’s also where users can exercise their creativity without the limitations of physical feasibility.

Yup, CUPRA’s words, not ours.

Frequentists of the Hyper Configurator are invited to interact in various virtual environs, and experiment to their heart’s content with colour swatches, materials and finishes. So as to manifest a CUPRA DarkRebel tailored to your own individual taste/perception of future reality.

Users can flit between three VR environments.

Namely ‘Exponential Square, Exponential Cube’ and ‘Exponential Infinite’.

Allowing users to transform the DarkRebel show car as they see fit/the mood takes them. Incorporating a lot of elements which are harnessed from the natural world all around us.

Remember that one? Which incidentally doesn’t exist in VR, FYI.

Like for example, minerals and stones and other raw textures and earthy compounds.

Elsewhere DarkRebel configurators can be inspired by digital aesthetics more characteristic of a digital field. Neon and fluorescent glows, parametric geometries and algorithmical movements.

Meanwhile if users wish to completely immerse themselves in a dreamlike state of euphoria minus the constraints of the physical being, then the highest level of CUPRA-defined Exponentiality is where to geographically relocate yourself.

In all seriousness though, the very best bit is the result of design rather than accident.

In as much as those who configure their own bespoke DarkRebel could influence the final design of the actual model that will be presented in the nearer future.

Are You Trying To Tell Us That We Can All Help Design The Production Version Of The Cupra DrakRebel, Courtesy Of An Advanced Interactivity Platform?

Yes. Kinda. We are.

Because once all the user permeations have been gathered up by CUPRA, the physical show car which transpires will possess heavy indications to the final DarkRebel design language.

Back On Planet Earth……

You’ll find the team here at WCC Neston.

Tech-savvy technicians to a team-member, who can and do work on CUPRA’s which are currently with us. As well as those SEAT’s from the not too distant past.

If you own a CUPRA or SEAT model and it requires servicing, diagnostics, warranty work, the retrofitting of driver aid and/or security devices or just a plain, old-fashioned MOT; then get in touch today.

You’ll be pleased to learn that we are contactable by cyberspace as well as carrier pigeon.

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