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Don’t Risk Letting Your Volkswagen Audi Service Schedule Lapse

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Don't forget to maintain your Volkswagen Audi service schedule

You wouldn’t believe just how many people are tempted to skip Volkswagen Audi service schedule reminders. Of course, there can be multiple scenarios. 

Although reminders ordinarily pop-up on our digital dashboards once we turn the ignition, life has a recurrent habit of quickly distracting us seconds later. And then we tend to forget about this otherwise pressing thing. 

And then there’s that most modern of excuses people tend to use in more recent times. The ‘L’ word

No, not learner, but lockdown.

An increasing number of drivers mistakenly believe that they can ‘skip’ their Volkswagen Audi service schedule interval reminders. Based on the simple reason that they’ve covered significantly less miles during successive national lockdowns. Where our collective car use was extremely limited. 

While both might be underlying reasons, they’re certainly not air-tight excuses. 

What’s the Worst That Can Happen If I Skip a Volkswagen Audi service schedule Reminder?

By failing to honour manufacturers’ service intervals there’s a chance drivers could unwittingly invalidate warranties in terms of new vehicles. 

Whilst the overall health of cars could be potentially compromised when not properly inspected, as they are at service times.  

What Do We Know About Manufacturer Warranties….

These days increasing numbers of people opt for leasing their vehicles. Made possible thanks to attractive rates on PCP to entice drivers. 

However, many might not be aware that as a leading independent VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Bentley specialist, the services we carry out preserve all existing new car warranties. 

Once upon a time car owners had little choice other than to stick with manufacturer main dealers. So as to safeguard those all-important warranties, But in today’s world this couldn’t be further from the actual truth. 

Times Have Changed, And For The Better

It wasn’t that long ago that new car buyers would religiously return to their point of original purchase. On an annual pilgrimage to seemingly abide by the warranty small print

Thankfully now you don’t have to do this. Instead WCC can honour all your warranty work, fit genuine VAG replacement parts and complete that all-important digital service book entry until the next time. Ensuring that your vehicle’s service record is comprehensively maintained. 

Getting Back to The Subject of Your Volkswagen Audi Service Schedule……

If your VW Audi Group vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty then keeping up with routine service intervals is crucial. Irrespective of the miles covered between the last one. Or conversely, not covered. If you’re one of the thousands who had to work from home over the past couple of years. 

Like MOTs which were due during the first lockdown, servicing deadlines were extended for an additional 6 months. Yet both these measures were temporary. With servicing schedules expected to be kept again as soon as possible thereafter. 

The chances are that over the past couple of years your vehicle wasn’t used as frequently as it was before. Courtesy of successive motoring-limiting national lockdowns. Which can create largely unseen problems which a timely service will help identify, and subsequent work will rectify. 

Issues such as car battery and bulb failures, washer fluid congealing and causing blockages and windscreen wiper blades perishing. Moreover brakes and tyres don’t fare well during periods of inactivity. The former can see brake discs and calipers corroding and ultimately seizing up. Leading to brake binding. While the latter can cause flat spots on treads, resulting in abnormal tyre shapes. 

Elsewhere, tyre degradation can manifest when the rubber compounds dry out. Encouraging cracks to form. Both of which lead to significant safety fears.

Allow WCC To Service You Happy

Yet all of these potential problems can be actively avoided. Providing you keep up to date with your Volkswagen Audi service schedule; as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. And the bit where WCC comes in. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how our talented team of specialist Volkswagen and Audi Group technicians can offer you the servicing resolutions you require. And let us book your car in for any type of servicing right now. Including inspection, oil, brake fluids and gearbox services.

And remember. Not only do we carry out all types of warranty work on your VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat or Bentley using genuine VAG parts. We also update your vehicle’s all-important digital service record.

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