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Don’t Leave YOUR Car Security To Chance This Winter. Get Us To Fit Your Telematics Thatcham Category


Winter nights are now firmly upon us, and there’s nowhere to hide.

Although there might well be, to the more criminally intent in society who often capitalize on the long winter nights - and the cover of darkness - to go about their nefarious business.

Rather than simply opportunist thieving, stealing vehicles is typically premeditated by the protagonists. More often than not via organised gangs who target high-performance and luxury vehicles during daylight hours, only to return once night arrives to carry out their dastardly deeds.

There are of course steps you can take to safeguard your vehicular pride and joy, if you choose to leave your high-performance Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Cupra, Bentley or Porsche on your driveway (or outside your property) at this time of year.

Primarily, the fitting of a motor insurance-approved Telematics Thatcham category S5 tracker.

Safeguard Against Theft of YOUR Performance and Luxury Vehicle Right Now!

In recent years car theft has spiked once again. And acutely aware of this significant uptick, many motor insurance providers might only consider offering policy cover if an expensive vehicle has a tracker fitted.

Which for us, as owners of powerful sports vehicles, affords us absolute peace of mind at the same time. So, it is pretty much a ‘no brainer’.

Initial outlay is more affordable than you might otherwise think too, whilst having this sort of hi-tech assemblage installed can be arranged with complete ease and convenience.

Which is obviously the bit where we come in.

But before we touch on the when and where (anytime, and at WCCNeston, to save you scrolling), here’s a quick bit of blurb regarding the what, why, which and why, for those of you wanting to learn a bit more.

Vehicle Tracker Q&A

Please take a few minutes to read our bite-size vehicle tracker Q & A below, so you have a better understanding of what the products we install are and do.

What is a Car Tracker?

To the uninitiated, a car tracker is a physical device we secrete within your vehicle, and which essentially tracks the precise location of your car in real time, by the facilitation of in-built GPS technology. This system operates 24/7, and offers various additional features, across a number of cutting-edge vehicle tracking products.

How Does a Car Tracker Work?

It’s all to do with satellites which are orbiting the earth above our heads at any given time. Which receive signals from the vehicle’s tracker. Trilateration calculates the car’s physical location based on its distance from 3 satellites on average. The data collated is then subsequently pinged back to the tracker.

How Do I Interact with This Data?

Either through an app or a third-party control centre, depending on the tracker you’ve sourced, and that we’ve fitted thereafter. For the most part trackers utilise similar technology as in-car sat-nav systems. The core difference being that the latter furnishes the driver with directions, whereas the former logs records of your driving and gives real time location information. Effectively the data shares intuitive and reactional technical features with our smartphones.

Most of the latest trackers facilitate high frequency VHF signals and technology, which references the radio waves sought to extract data. Bit like the communication channels used for TV and radio. In a departure from GPS - which can be compromised by the sudden onset of tunnels and large immovable structures encountered en route - VHF signals can penetrate any potential obstacle standing in the way of data bounce-back.

How Does This Make a Difference?

Well, car thieves have a habit of stealing to order. Often ‘working on behalf of overseas clients’. Which in turn translates to shipping containers being - and if you’ll excuse the pun - the vessel of choice to stash said expensive performance/luxury vehicles recently ‘acquired’ within the confines of.

A VHF tracker has the capacity to maintain tracking signals even if the vehicle is hidden within such structures. That or underground car parks and garages.

Police forces tend to opt for VHF-based trackers too. Which means they’re the real deal, if championed by the long arms of the law in order to bring car thieves to justice.

We Mentioned Trackers Being Looked Upon Favourably by Motor Insurance Providers Above. Can We Elaborate on This?....

Because statistical evidence points towards cars fitted with trackers being observed as less likely to be damaged or written off. Which is the sort of intel which makes motor insurers very happy.

Although not a legal obligation, an increasing number of motor insurance policy providers are requesting the installation of a tracker. Which is no bad thing, as we’ve already alluded to.

As more tech-savvy car thieves have upped their game, so too have the tracker manufacturers in response. Unscrupulous types have become far more likely to be able to override factory-fitted security, with keyless vehicle theft very much in the ascendency. It’s possible for thieves to steal your car in roughly the same time frame as Nic Cage and his posse in the car-jacking Hollywood blockbuster, ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’.

DID YOU KNOW? It’s reported that a staggering 94% of stolen cars recovered in 2021 had been removed without the key playing an active role in the unlawful acquisition.

However, to counter this alarming trend, tracker manufacturers have wised up, and looked to future-proof a range of tracking devices. With advanced security now being readily available across dedicated devices. And which ultimately work to both deter thieves as well as being best placed to successfully recover stolen cars.

Book A Time Slot to Have a Tracker Fitted to Your Car NOW

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team today, if you’re looking to arrange to have a tracker device fitted to your vehicle.

Our team will talk you through the stages and what you need to do beforehand, and then we’ll sort out a convenient time for you to drop your vehicle off with our technicians to carry out the install.

For just £349 (inc. VAT) we can fit a state-of-the-art vehicle tracking device to your car. Guaranteeing you the sort of peace of mind that money CAN buy.

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