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Do VW, Skoda and SEAT Amount To The Same Thing Today?

Updated: Jun 14

Fascinating editorial piece on the trusted AutoExpress website recently, which mused the following, potentially contentious question.

Are three of the Volkswagen Audi Group brands - once very unique - too similar for their own good/medium term future?

One of the arguments is that while SEAT might be applauded for trying to lure the younger, more style-led demographic towards its brand, it charges them often prohibitive VW premiums for the pleasure.

While VW itself is attempting to pitch itself in the higher echelons of aspirational automotive ownership. Which perversely sees it going toe-to-toe with established premium marque stablemate, Audi.

Almost cancelling itself out, in the process.

Blurred Lines. Not Just ‘R’s….

The website’s opinion is that Volkswagen should maintain its historic dualling with Ford, Vauxhall and Peugeot, and perhaps leave Audi to duke it out with fellow German big-hitters, BMW and Mercedes.

For its part - and although singled out as the most profitable of the triumvirate mentioned here - Skoda is in actual fact the brand now considered the VAG one to watch. And the one which is taking its increasingly perceived premium feel fight to the feet - or should that be wheels - of the long-accepted automotive hierarchy.

Of course, all these are the ponderings of one website. Albeit a respected voice in the automotive journalistic sphere which enjoys sparking debate.

But Do They Have A Valid Point?

Is VW, Skoda and SEAT clamouring for the same buyers, when instead they should be marking individual territories?

And then let’s not forget Cupra. And how it fits into all of this posturing and brand re-positioning.

As keenly observed in the same article, Cupra has been very much set up as a standalone performance vehicle division of SEAT. When SEAT’s origins - under VW stewardship, specifically - were founded as a more dedicated sporty outlier in its own right.

Hmmm, indeed.

What Do YOU Think, Though?

Is Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT blurring into the one entity? Have the divisions betwixt the trio become less obvious?

There’s certainly been encroachment into different areas in more recent times, but no more so than other leading car manufacturers. Where all battle lines have been redefined on a seemingly regular basis.

Competition is so great these days, while new genres have overlapped with existing ones, that it’s hardly a surprise that buyers may have become a little nonplussed.

That said, car buyers have never before had such expansive choice. Although that in itself is not necessarily an advantageous thing, as too much choice can be a headache in itself.

WCC Neston Work On Entire Volkswagen Audi Group range

All we know is that the Volkswagen Audi Group portfolio provides an almost infinite selection of vehicles to suit every individual out there.

And we appreciate this first hand, as we enjoy working up close and personal with an eclectic mix of Audi’s, Volkswagen’s, Skoda’s, SEAT’s, Bentley’s and Porsche’s on a weekly basis.

Get in touch today to book your vehicle in for anything from an inspection service, MOT and diagnostic test, through to a gearbox service, warranty work and retrofitting of cutting edge driver aid/security devices.

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