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Counter The Heatwave! Re-gas Your Car’s Air-con

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Just in case you weren’t aware, there’s a heatwave coming.

But not any old heatwave. A typically British OTT one.

Where the roads melt quicker than our ice-creams, and the Daily Mail has a wobble and dedicates at least ten pages to the impact.

In all seriousness though, it’s going to get hot in the coming days.

Possibly the hottest few days this side of the flaming gates of Beezlebub’s fiery gaff. As temperatures are predicted to hit near record highs for the UK. With some parts expected to encroach the late 30s.

And the chances are you’ll be driving somewhere on sticky tarmac.

Which is all the more reason that your air-conditioning is working how it should be, and pumping out a continual stream of ice-cold fresh air. To ensure that you keep your driving cool, while the world around you struggles to keep theirs.

Here at WCC Neston we routinely undertake air-con re-gassing and repairs to in-car systems. And although it’s too late to check it out this coming weekend, it’s still very much the summer for a while longer yet. And barometer-exploding heatwave or not, we’re guaranteed some toasty weather for many weeks to come.

Cue the heaven’s opening next week.

Our experienced techs will get to work on the timely removal of used refrigerant gas from the air con assemblage. Replacing it with new refrigerant, and instantaneously making your driving life that much chiller.

Blowing Hot And Hot

If you’re looking for all the hallmarks of a flagging air-con system, the most obvious one is you’re getting hot under your collar in your car, despite the air-con button being depressed. Nobody needs to be blasted with warm air at this time of year. Again, when your air-con is switched off and the in-car temp is the same ambience, you know there’s an underlying issue.

Smell-O-Meter Cranked Up

Another early warning sign is odour. Should your car start smelling a bit rank when you turn on the air-con, then it may well need a re-gassing. Over a period of time, dust and dirt can accumulate in your A/C, on passing through. Which then acts as a petri-dish for bacteria to thrive, thus emitting a foul smell once the system is engaged. The sort of lingering odour that even a Magic Tree can’t quell.

Noise Abatement Society

Elsewhere, you might be first made aware of a problem with your air-con, if you hear an unresolved rattling sound generating from that area. Essentially this indicates that the condenser or fan belt could be experiencing difficulties, or debris might be clogging up the system. At the same time, condensation might become apparent on the dashboard, along with cold air taking longer than normal to dispense.

Damp Carpets Ahoy!

Meanwhile - and on the topic of condensation manifesting on the dashboard - the air-con works by following a complex system of administration. So as to transfer the gas to liquid, and back again, while cooling the air. If the hose is blocked somewhere in the system, water may drip from your vehicle. With carpets often bearing the brunt of the fall-out.

Any Other Pointers As To When My Air-Con Might Need Re-Gassing?...

If you’re looking for a general rule of thumb, we’d say that it’s definitely worth doing if you can’t recall when you last had your vehicle’s air-con re-gassed. Or alternatively, if you’ve only recently acquired the car, so there’s no way of telling. Unless there’s an invoice to prove the work’s been carried out.

Anyways, if you do need to re-gas your vehicle’s air-con. Or require any other investigation or repair work undertaken on the system, don’t hesitate to speak to our team.

And in the meantime, enjoy the heatwave and remember to keep cool.

And think on. In 23 weeks’ time it’ll be Christmas….

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