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Audi Service in Cheshire

Many car owners prefer to work with a dedicated and independent specialist garage rather than depend on their main dealership for everything. Finding a provider that understands your make and model well is just as essential.

WCC is a truly independent garage that provides everything you need for an Audi Service in Cheshire. Many of our customers come to us because they are looking for a dedicated service that meets all their needs, delivered at a competitive cost.

The Services We Offer:

As an entirely independent Volkswagen Audi Group specialist, we’re one of the few garages in the Cheshire and Wirral area that can offer a comprehensive range of services to suit any age and model of vehicle. We utilise the latest technology in a fully fitted and highly modern garage with expert mechanics on hand who deliver full diagnostic, service, upgrades and repairs that is second to none.

There’s nothing worse for a car owner than when that engine light comes on and they realise something is wrong with their car. Modern dashboard displays can be pretty confusing if you are not an expert and it’s not always easy to see what the problem is.

You can book into our specialist garage and have complete peace of mind that we have onsite all the diagnostic tools available to get to the bottom of the problem and then resolve it.

  1. We provide full servicing for all Audi and Volkswagen makes, whether you have a new car fairly fresh out of the dealership or an older model.

  2. We can provide standard fixed and long life services for our customers.

  3. We can repair faults with air conditioning and handle standard vehicle issues such as tyre changes, battery replacements.

  4. We also offer a full MOT and service for Audi car owners in the Cheshire and Wirral area.

  5. You’ll get a fast response from our team and a speedy remedy for any issues that need to be addressed to get you back on the road again.

  6. If you are considering buying an Audi or Volkswagen in Cheshire, we can undertake a pre-purchase vehicle inspection for you to make sure there are no hidden problems that could cause problems later.

  7. Our experienced team can help with every type of vehicle maintenance from cam and timing belt replacement to changing or repairing your water pump.

  8. We provide online digital update with every service.

  9. Genuine parts are used providing our clients with peace of mind.

  10. We also offer a range of specialist optional extras such as reversing cameras and hill hold assist to name a few.

At WCC, we also provide quite a few specialist services. These include installing reversing cameras, giving your car an electrical upgrade and installing or repairing parking aid technology. We also offer higher levels of security for your car with the Autowatch Ghost system

Why Choose WCC for Your Audi Service in Cheshire

As you might expect from a specialist Audi Volkswagen garage, we pride ourselves in the level of technology that we have onboard at our premises in Neston, Cheshire. All our technicians are fully qualified and properly trained to use all that technology and deliver everything you need all in one place.

Contact our team today to book an appointment with our Audi Service in Cheshire.

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