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Audi RS E-tron GT Quickens Pulse of Audi Specialists

Audi specialists share motoring journos’ enthusiasm for super-quick new E-tron GT.

If you’re in the market for a rapid 4-door GT car, then the all-new Audi RS E-tron GT provides an insight into the future. A future you can experience today, no less.

As you may have noticed, motoring journalists are raving on about the all-new Audi RS E-tron GT right now. As well they might. As by all accounts, it appears epic.

It’s also said to be brutal. In as much as the performance figures we’re talking about.

While the tech gadgetry on-board the twin battery, electric-powered Audi is ‘other worldly’ too.

Oh, and then there’s the ‘sustainability’ credentials.

The name – ‘E-tron’ – is inspired by the ‘enjoyment while driving and unlimited sustainability’. Dwelling on the latter, and one of the ingenious ways the E-tron GT achieves real world sustainability, is thanks to the carpets being manufactured from the recycled nylon found in old fishing nets. We kid you not.

Audi E-tron GT Isn’t All About Tech and Saving the Planet Though….

No. Away from Planet Geekdom, we’re more concerned with the stats which propel the car. That’s just the way we’re programmed as Audi specialists.

Which is why we’ve compiled an ‘at-a-glance’ guide to the Audi RS E-tron GT in numbers. Incredibly impressive numbers, as you might imagine. The sort which will make Tesla’s Model S Plaid and Porsche’s Taycan sit up and take note. Bear in mind, this is the quickest production car that Audi has ever created. Whether generated by an internal combustion engine or ‘leccy.

So you best fasten your seatbelts and take a deep breath. And that’s before you get anywhere near the car.

Unless that is, any of you have been fortunate enough to get up close and personal with the E-tron GT as yet. If so, consider yourself very lucky.

Audi E-tron GT In Numbers

  • 2 – electric motors present

  • 2.3 – weight in tonnes

  • 2.9 (claimed) – seconds it takes from 0 – 60mph

  • 5 – minute it takes to charge up batteries enough to give 62 mile range

  • 21 – inch of wheels

  • 23 – minutes to give it an 80% power boost

  • 155 – top speed in mph (limited)

  • 283 – miles range on the electric batteries between charges

  • 305 – measurements for rear tyres

  • 612 – lb-ft torque

  • 637 – BHP in launch control mode

  • 800 – volts across the two batteries

  • Numerous – the potential sound effects toyed with by the car’s audio designer, before settling on what’s described as a ‘noise created by a fan blowing air down a long metal pipe’

Audi Specialists Can Ensure Your Current Audi Remains Mechanically Futureproof

Of course, the Audi E-tron GT is all about the future; albeit available today. In a way that Audi is peerless at doing. And experts predict that the E-tron of today is going to be looked at tomorrow in the same way we viewed Quattro engineering yesterday.

Anyway, before we get too confused over tenses, you’ll be pleased to learn that here at WCC the Audi’s we work on are all about the present. For now, that is. Who knows what the future has in store.

Although we also work on Audi’s more retrospective models, so as not to exclude owners of the more vintage of Audi persuasions. And because we love all Audi’s equally, obviously.

Remember this. When you’re in need of your Audi servicing, MOT’ing, repairing, fault-finding diagnostics or you’re after having an after-market driving aid or security device installed. We are habitually good at what we do and come highly recommended. We are also prompt, responsive and our services as Audi specialists are much sought after.

Just like the Audi E-tron GT by the sounds of it.

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