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Audi Reinvents the Wheel. Well, Its Four Rings

They’re all at it these days, with Audi being the latest automotive manufacturer in a long line to look for ways of future-proofing its visual identity. Following in the rebranding footsteps of fellow Volkswagen Audi Group brethren, VW, it’s now Ingolstadt’s turn to streamline its visual first point of contact.

Unfortunately, Audi has adopted the Tron approach to form and function too. And decided in its wisdom to drop kick the existing three-dimensional chrome look-and-feel into touch.

We say ‘in its wisdom’, but it’s more a case of the conclusion that its marketing department arrived at, in the direct aftermath of a brainstorming session. Which probably involved a lot of air hockey and Jellybeans, let’s be honest here.

Unlike the more compact surface area that Veedub has to work within the confines of, Audi’s horizon-expanding version 4.0’s just doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. Or even right, for that matter.

Especially not when compared to Audi's 70s bonnet n boot appendages (please see orange 100 coupe below).....

So, What Do We Have?

In effect we have something that appears to have taken its inspiration from ClipArt. Naturally, we’ll be reliably informed that the ‘design language’ is (insert your own incomprehensible/pretentious verbs, nouns and adjectives HERE). However, the bottom line is that the iconic ‘four rings’ hasn’t been improved via its makeover.

In fact, cosmetically-speaking you’d probably be asking for a refund if you’d just forked out your savings for a nose job and it ended up looking like this.

Of course, we LOVE Audi (just in case they’re reading this). Always have, always will. We service Audi’s finest, most innovative and sector-leading automotive moments daily. As is our professional remit.

Disclaimer done.

What Do We Actually Know?

Ergo, we’re pretty well qualified to pass comment - if not judgement - on Audi’s timely revisions. Whether they’re of a more engineering or IT nature, or indeed, as is the case under the spotlight here and now; visually arresting.

The thing is, as traffic-stopping iterations go, Audi’s reinvention of the famous and instantly recognisable ‘four rings’ brand moniker isn’t all that. It isn’t even half of that. While we know that evolution is crucial, and we don’t wish to stand in its way and come across all Jurassic period. We just feel that Audi has fallen on its metaphorical sword with this rebranding exercise.

Anyway. That’s this opinion piece/blog over.

But what we REALLY want to determine is YOUR thoughts on this. As ours are merely the ramblings of a blog editor entering the tricky mid-life phase.

Let us know in the comments section beneath.

And in the meantime, should your Audi vehicle require ANY type of service, diagnostic testing, warranty work, driver aid or safety device retrofitted or MOT, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss and book in.

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