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Audi R8 Reborn as 764bhp EV Supercar

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

OK. First things first.

And the Audi R8-replacing EV supercar – the PB18 e-tron – doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue with the ease of, let’s say….the R8, does it? But there’s a reason why the future of the R8 comprises a bit more alpha numericals.

Borne out of the location where the Audi AI: RACE Concept Car made its debut, the PB18 codename refers to Pebble Beach, California; the ‘18’ element in acknowledgement of the year the watching world first clapped eyes on it (2018). 

E’s Are Good. E’s Are Good

So now that we’ve taken care of the phonetic housekeeping, let’s focus on what the PB18 e-tron is all about. The clue being in the ‘e’ to the tron additive. 

It has electricity coursing through its veins, hasn’t it. 

And not the sort that’s responsible for powering your average run-of-the-mill compact EV’s of this current world. Although in fairness, it’s the exact same ‘leccy. 

More a case of a refined and more sophisticated way of firing it into the car.

800 volts of electricity takes just 15 minutes to fully charge the battery, according to Ingolstadt. The full charge gives the EV supercar a projected range north of 300 miles. 

Supercharging Goodness of The Audi R8-replacing EV supercar

To add to all our conveniences, and the Audi AI: RACE can also be charged cordlessly; via induction with the German manufacturer’s wireless charging (AWC)

In a sentence, this objective is fulfilled by placing a charging pad with an integral coil on the ground beneath the vehicle, and connecting it to the power supply. The alternating magic field induces an alternating voltage in the secondary coil fitted in the floor of the car, across the air gap. 

Anyway, all that future-proof aside….





Also note the mesmerising stats. 

Designed as a single-seat, 2-door hatchback of the future (a la the original McLaren F1; minus the hatchback element), the AI: RACE benefits from three electric motors – one up front and two in the rear – and Audi’s legendary Quattro drivetrains.

Which means the performance is nothing short of brutal.

0 – 62mph claims of just 2 seconds, means simply blinking catapults the driver will already be on their distant horizon. 

Hinting that the iconic Audi R8’s days are seemingly numbered.

Which of course is a sad thing, yet also an inevitable thing. As we look forward positively to a fascinating EV future.

With supercars somewhat leading the way in recent times (think Rimac, Pininfarina Battista, Tesla Roadster, Lotus Evija, and the, er, Aspark Owl – best you Google the latter).

So trust Audi to be bringing the game to its rivals with vehicles this breathtakingly beautiful, visionary and above all else, feasible and practical in terms of not just range, but ease and speed of charging.

WCC R Here For U And UR Audi R8

Right here and now it’s still all about the Audi R8. And its internal combustion engine’d brethren.

Cars that our technicians are very familiar with the exacting nuances of. Given the number of hours we spend working on them. 

Therefore should your Audi R8 required servicing or repair/warranty work carried out on it, then be sure to talk to WCC. As one of the north west’s leading independent Audi specialists we are well versed in all things Volkswagen and Audi Group across the board. 

On which note. We can also look after your VW Up!

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