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Arrange an MOT for Your VW and Audi Group Car ASAP, As Experts Predict September Surge in Bookings

‘Super September Surge’ sounds like a four-piece rock band from Nuneaton inspired by the Foo Fighters. Media headline hyperbole aside, there’s no escaping the fact that this month is predicted to be a bumper one for VW Audi MOT bookings

The continuing fall-out from the global pandemic and successive national lockdowns are to blame. With automotive industry experts  forecasting significantly high demand for MOT bookings from this month onwards.

Legacy of National Lockdowns Still Playing Out With VW Audi MOT Bookings

This understanding is based largely on the fact that between September and December last year, an unprecedented volume of MOT’s were carried out. Acknowledged as a direct result of the six-month extension that the government granted UK motorists. In particular, those whose (then) current MOTs were set to expire between March 30th and July 31st 2020.

If you recall, this coincided with the restriction ramifications of the country’s first national lockdown.

1 Million Extra MOT Bookings Predicted This Autumn

Motor industry insiders are expecting similar knock-on effects this September. With repeats of the spike in demand for MOT bookings seen during the autumn of 2020. As car owners rush to arrange their vehicle’s tests. 

According to MOT data analysed by Continental Tyres relating to 2018 to 2020, this September is set to witness some 23% more MOT bookings than normal. Or to put into alternative figures. In excess of 1 million extra tests.

Of course, this will increase the demands on MOT bookings availability across the UK’s garage network. 

As reported recently by The Guardian, 3.5 million MOTs were performed each month of 2018 and 2019. Estimating that almost 4.5 million MOT bookings will potentially be forthcoming for the remainder of 2021. So as to clear the backlog. 

A Continental Tyres spokesperson told the media that pandemic-triggered test postponements have created a new ‘peak’ time for MOT bookings. Something that could realistically take up to a decade to balance out again. Before eventually returning to pre-2020 levels of demand. 

WCC Here To Arrange Your VW Audi MOT Bookings

So, now really is a good time to arrange your Volkswagen and Audi Group cars’ next MOT booking with us. To get ahead of the impending curve. At WCC we arrange the ministry’s exacting testing procedure for your vehicle. Ensuring it’s subjected to a rigorous examination. And compliant with the industry-recognised standard. 

We are past masters at organising your car’s MOT. Irrespective of what make or model of vehicle you own from the VAG portfolio.

Whether it’s a Volkswagen Fox or a Bentley Continental. Technicians perform the core tasks associated with the MOT test to determine your car’s roadworthiness for the next 12 months.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01513530100 to beat the rush . 

The important bits: The penalty for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT is a fine of up to £1,000. With the risk that your car could be impounded by the police. In the event that your MOT has expired, you can only drive it legally to a garage to conduct a test. And/or a workshop to undergo the repairs needed. Car owners can make an MOT booking up to a month minus a day ahead of the expiry date of the current certificate. 

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