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Air-con Re-gassing: Your Questions Answered

There’s always been a degree of debate surrounding the whole subject of air-con. For years many drivers saw it as ‘something Americans did’.

A bit like coffee.

As us Brits simply wound down our windows and let the fresh air circulate freely within. And swore by tea.

Times - and tastes - change though.

And eventually we cottoned onto the fact that air-con isn’t witchcraft after all. And is actually something hugely beneficial.

Unfortunately air-conditioning systems in modern day cars can be prone to a few issues.

The problem is that once the temperatures drop in Autumn, our air-con is pretty much redundant for 6 months. Until the first signs of summer, and the mini heatwave which usually rocks up in May.

A time and a place when we unrealistically expect our in-car air-con systems to work without a second thought.

The reality is slightly different.

Either the air blown out once recommissioned is warm, and/or there’s a bit of a pungent-y, borderline stale aroma which emits.

Either way, not pleasant.

Earlier warning signs might have transpired over the winter months. But you might not have necessarily equated one thing to the other.

The other being a poorly functioning air con system will make window demisting during winter months more arduous. Also making the engine work harder and subsequently using more fuel.

You see, like most parts on your vehicle the air-con requires regular maintenance to ensure it’s working to its optimum. Which is the part where WCC Neston step in.

Not So Much the Debunking of Air-con Myths. More Your Questions Answered

So What Exactly Is Air-con Re-gassing?

In layman’s terms, the process of air-con re-gassing essentially involves the active removal of old refrigerant gas from your vehicle’s air conditioning system, and replacing it with new refrigerant.

To ultimately make your air-con run cold again.

Is It Dangerous?

Like a lot of things, it can potentially be if it falls into the wrong hands.

Literally and physically.

As if/when refrigerant gas comes into contact with skin and eyes it can cause painful freeze burns. Which you’d want to avoid.

Hence why air-con re-gassing is not something you should consider undertaking yourself.

Can I Re-gas My Car’s Air-con Myself?

Please see above.

Tip - it’s not advisable.

Plus air-con re-gassing kits available to the buying public tend to be as much as having the job done professionally - and safely - through a reputable and experienced specialist in this field. Like WCC Neston.

How Do I Know If My Air-con Needs Re-gassing?

Like we mentioned above, once the system starts blowing out warm air rather than the typical cold air, then you know there’s an underlying issue which needs resolving. The same general rule of thumb applies if it smells a bit funny.

What If I Ignore Sensible Advice And Don’t Do Anything About My Air-con?

That’s your choice, obviously.

However if you don’t re-gas your air-con at regular intervals then it will become significantly less efficient. Which will result in your car being a somewhat uncomfortable place to be on a hot summer’s day.

And although you might think that putting your window down is a viable alternative, think again. And think wasps.

Or imagine another scenario. Where you’re driving through the lion enclosure of a safari park in the midst of a stifling heatwave.

Elsewhere you run the serious risk of pipes cracking and parts likely seizing up if they’re not used. All of which will lead to bigger bills further down the road.

Isn’t Air-con Re-gassing Part And Parcel Of My Vehicle Servicing?


While it’s in your best interests to keep your air-con in good working order, services don’t usually cover air-con system re-gassing. Which is why you need to get in touch with our team right now.

Before the barometer is cranked up to the max and the interior of your car gets hotter than the surface of the sun.

Remember. A well-working air-con system is your best friend in summer.

And unsung hero, almost.

Although you may not pay that much attention to it the rest of the year, if it breaks or suddenly stops functioning come June, then you’ll soon notice.

Don’t wait until then. Call us today to arrange for your air-con to be re-gassed.

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