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A Go-anywhere 4X4 Golf R, Anyone?

Dedicated all-terrain hatchbacks were ploughing their collective furrows a long time before the conceptualizing of crossovers became an automotive think tank’s free lunch ticket. That contributing parties continue to dine out on.

Overland-inspired crossovers seem to be all the rage these days.

Even supercar royalty such as Lamborghini and Porsche are muscling in on this perceivably new and seemingly fertile territory. With the epic Huracan Sterrato and 911 Dakar, respectively.

Yet these territories aren’t previously un-chartered.

What’s The Matra?

Curiously, older readers might recall the ‘revered’ likes of the Matra Rancho, Fiat Panda 4x4 and the Rover Streetwise. All of which remain talked about in hushed tones to this very day. Typically in the dark recesses of taverns.

Or equally foreboding corners of internet forums.

While Volkswagen devotees are likely to have the image of the Golf Syncro and Country still rattling around in the darker crevices of their car-addled craniums.

Yup, Volkswagen has plotted the crossover coordinates way back when. When Paula Hamilton was discarding her sheepskin coat on London lampposts and Lord Sugar was just plain old Alan Sugar.

Remember the MkII VW Golf Country?

Of course you do.

Your passion for VW Audi Group vehicles fires your belly. That’s why/how you’ve arrived here.

Crossover VW Concept In Syncro With Modern Thinking

In terms of a quick recap though, and the Volkswagen Golf Country was founded on the mechanical principles of the Volkswagen Golf Syncro.

Only Veedub’s skunkwerks actually made an entirely different car from said starting point. What it did facilitate however, was the same basic syncro-AWD system. But then jacked it up for improved ground clearance.

The rudimentary tweaking didn’t begin and end there.

Front and rear bull bars were added, along with a skid plate, a sub-frame to protect the rear diff and a huge spare wheel at the back which could swing to the side.

Yee and indeed, ha.

Around 7,700 VW Golf Country’s were manufactured between 1990 - 1991.

As if these stand-out sub-models weren’t rare enough sights, VW even opted to build a few ‘special editions’. Including the ‘Chrome’ (just 588 units) and for peak Golf Country rarity value, the ‘Wolfsburg Edition’.

Actual production numbers are rumoured to have been a meagre 50 for this particular side hustle, all of which were solely destined for Golf Country VW project employees. One fact we can firm up, is that it came with the archetypal 16-valve Golf GTi power plant.

316bhp and Off-road Potential To Boot? Hello Dakar!

This juxtaposition between potential off-road-ish-ness and a decent turn of speed leads us nicely into the reason why we’re here today. Now we’ve got the Clarkson-esque pre-amble out of our system.

The big reveal of a Golf Country for a new generation.

Sort of.

We say sort of, because as we write, it’s essentially a concept car.

The engineering team behind the inception of this very latest take on the Golf Country, have gone straight ‘in hot’ on the power/purpose ratio. Powering its re-imagining with a modern day Golf R block. Which as we all know musters in the region of 316bhp.

Delta 4x4 is a German automotive tuning outfit which has - at least in concept car form at this juncture - single-handedly breathed new life into a long forgotten classic. Straight from Volkswagen’s back catalogue of greatest hits.

Hence why it remains the ‘car with no name’ as things stand.

Conceptualised it might be, yet it’s still considered ‘feasible and compliant with TUV regulations’.

So much so, that the tuner has confirmed that should enough interested parties be found, then it wouldn't hesitate in bringing a strictly limited series of 25 vehicles to the market.

Exciting times.

How Much Are We Talking, And Where Do We Sign Up?

In terms of cost, if you’re looking for a hi-lift Golf R with a shed-load of overlanding kit firmly attached, you’re talking about £30k or thereabouts.

But here’s the catch.

That’s on top of the base Golf R donor vehicle.

Also, you’ll be waiting anywhere between six to nine months for the build.

Still, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then this ‘go-anywhere’ Golf R takes some beating. And will also be a continual conversation piece.

Let’s hope the orders roll in and we see them out and about in the near future.

In The Meantime….

If you drive a Golf R (with manufacturer-spec suspension and minus a Dakar-primed roof rack), then be sure to talk to our team today.

Should your Volkswagen require any form of servicing, diagnostics or MOT.

For Golf R, read any vehicle under the VW Audi Group umbrella, including the usual Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Cupra and Bentley suspects.

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