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A 1978 VW Touareg. You Read Right

AI Bot Reimagines VAG Past, Present and Future

Someone on Twitter recently keyed in the following words on Google’s search engine; ‘What would a VW Touareg look like if it had been built in the late 1970’s?’

Or words to that effect.

Let’s face it. They could have typed in something MUCH worse.

But they didn’t. And subsequently they/we/the watching world arrived at THIS imagery.

Courtesy of gaming world instant communication platform, Discord and interactive AI programme, Midjourney.

OK. Hit Us With The Facts

It’s a long story, which unless you’ve got a PhD in Advanced IT you might struggle with a bit.

But the upshot is that someone, somewhere had the thought, asked the question, and an AI bot brought to life said thought/question in easily digestible digital parlance as seen here.

In a world of same-y SUVs, it’s always good to welcome a retro tinge to proceedings. From a time and a place when automotive design and aesthetics were more openly ambitious. And yes; out there/more outlandish.

The premise is that the super-advanced AI bot can visually interpret anything you ask of it.

Which, whilst being creepy, is also pretty cool.

And opens up a whole new horizon to would-be car designers who believe that they can do things better than actual ones. Albeit with artificially intelligent assistance.

However, amid a sea of abominations and wackiness, is this little nugget of Veedub-y delicious-ness.

What Have We Here?

For those not familiar, it’s an AI bot’s literal translation/visual embodiment of what a Volkswagen Touareg would look like, if the concept had been imagined/brought to fruition, circa 1978.

Which kinda explains the unapologetically 70’s spec brown hues and saturations.

We understand that the biggest question you’ll probably have is why.

Just why would anyone ever ask this question, full stop.

And the answer is, well. Why not?

Veedub fandom is a broad church.

As it should be. Where anything and everything goes, and nothing should ever be off limits.

Besides which, who wouldn’t want their SUV’s more Talbot Matra Rancho (yeah, Google that!) than fully ostentatious Bentley Bentayga. With a subtle hint of first gen Ssanyong Musso thrown in for good measure.

Take A Reality Check With WCC

Back in the real world, WCC Neston technicians routinely work on a range of VW Audi Group SUV’s. Large and small. But primarily available on THIS side of your laptop/smartphone screen.

If you own a Volkswagen Touareg manufactured from 2002 onwards, get in touch to book your vehicle in with us for its servicing, diagnostic, warranty work, MOT or retro-fitting of driving/security device needs.

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