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10 Things YOU Can Do To Bank Holiday Weekend Traffic-proof Your Car

It’s that time of year when it seems there’s a bank holiday every weekend. Throw in the odd royal celebration, and there’s even more excuses to pack up your troubles and set your sat nav for the nearest beach.

But before you do reach for the sun factor 50 (or rather, 10, given we’re talking about the UK’s temperamental temps), a word to the wise about ensuring that your vehicle is in tip-top shape for the long weekend away.

Being Britain, the chances are you and your loved ones might be spending a little longer in your car than you’d hoped/imagined. Before you can even consider the tide times.

Think textbook bank holiday traffic.

So, it’s absolutely imperative that your car can go the distance, from both a mechanical and health and safety perspective.

Which is the bit where we come in.

WCC Neston are here to ensure that your Volkswagen Audi Group vehicle is both mechanically sound, safe for all occupants and up to the job of notorious bank holiday comings and goings on our often challenging A-roads and jam-prone motorway networks.

By booking your vehicle in with us in a timely fashion as the bank holidays mount up, and summer holidays are also homing in on all our horizons, we can carry out a variety of work on your car which will lead to peace of mind when you head out onto our highways and byways.

From adhering to general servicing intervals, to re-gassing your car’s air-con, our team of techs are here to empower you to drive confidently and safely at all times. We provide a wealth of services to keep you motoring throughout the year, and routinely undertake an expansive range of customer jobs.

But there’s also a host of simpler things which you can do yourself at home, without the need for a ramp. Or to pick the brains of our team of techs with their collective wealth of knowledge and experience.

Research Depicts Motorists Fail To Check General Roadworthiness Of Vehicle Ahead Of Bank Holiday Weekend Road Trips

All of which we’d thoroughly recommend, especially in light of recent research conducted by a multinational tyre-fitting chain which cast light on the fact that many motorists neglect to carry out basic vehicle safety checks before embarking on a bank holiday road trip.

Shocking statistics point to the following.

Just 54% of the driver’s polled by Kwik-Fit admitted to checking their tyres before setting off. Elsewhere a mere 39% check tyre tread depths, while only 49% monitor their oil levels. In addition to this, an eyebrow-raising 23% remember to acknowledge the condition of their spare wheel.

Unsurprisingly, these - along with a number of other key things - are high up the list of suggestions we make to those of you busy folding your tartan rugs as you read this.

Things You Can Do To Your Vehicle To Be Bank Holiday Weekend-ready

1. Checking that your tyres are suitably inflated - Any discrepancies in tyre pressures, irrespective of how seemingly minor they may appear, can cause a few potential problems. If particularly low, they may also present safety issues depending on individual circumstances

2. Make sure that your tread is in good condition - Keeping on the subject of tyre condition, and having enough tread is also of much importance when plotting your bank holiday weekend road trip coordinates

3. Engine oil topped up - An absolute must for a long journey to safeguard against any otherwise unseen issues raising their head

4. Make sure your brakes are working efficiently - It may sound daft, but trust us when we say a lot of drivers overlook this crucial factor. And while you may get away with less stopping power on your daily commute, when you’re planning a bank holiday outing, this will inevitably take on more engaging roads. Hence the greater need for stopping urgency

5. Check coolant levels - Coolant or antifreeze protects engine blocks when temperatures plummet. Conversely its high boiling point also works to remove excess heat away from engines. Which makes it very useful when avoiding breakdowns on hot summer days. Particularly when idling in a bank holiday weekend traffic jam.

6. Make sure your windscreen wash reservoir is topped up - The ability to keep your windscreen clear with optimum visibility cannot be overstated enough

7. Check your wiper blades - Please see above

8. Check all your lights are working properly - You need to both see yourself, and be seen by others when driving in difficult conditions. The nights may be drawing out, but don’t forget that rain can cause spray and bad visibility on all surfaces during daylight hours

9. Check your fuel level - Yes, it may sound obvious. But you’d be surprised how many motorists can run out of petrol or diesel en route

10. Always pack emergency supplies - Including that neatly folded tartan rug in case of unexpected delays or breakdowns. Spare clothes and snacks are always a good idea too

Don't forget. Once you've returned from your bank holiday weekend get-away, we're just a phone call - or click of the mouse - away, should you need to book your VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Porsche or Bentley in for any reason.

Be it inspection, gearbox or oil service, diagnostics, an MOT, warranty work or the retrofitting of driver aid or security devices.

We do the lot.

Now, enjoy your weekend!

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